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Your Gateway to Seamless Cross-Chain Payments

Empower your business with seamless transactions across multiple blockchains

Secure & frictionless 

Flexibility & Scalability

Easy  Integration

Securely Send & Receive Payments Across Blockchains with Crossify.

Crossify enables automated crypto transactions regardless of blockchains; allowing both parties to make payments with the token of their choice. We quickly perform the necessary bridge, cross-chain swaps, and fiat-indexed calculations in the background for your crypto payments. This allows businesses and individuals to transact using their preferred cryptocurrencies, enhancing the flexibility and accessibility of the blockchain for real-world applications. 

Seamless Integration, Effortless Transactions

Empowering your crypto journey with Crossify! Our intuitive interface allows direct peer-to-peer transactions, right from your wallet. Alternatively, generate an API key for enhanced flexibility with our powerful API or SDK. It's your crypto, your way.


Crossify is not chain-specific, it's cross-chain

Now live on 17 chains

What We Offer

Crossify provides a cross-chain payment gateway to businesses and users. This innovative approach to crypto transactions makes it possible for businesses and individuals alike to conduct transactions using their preferred cryptocurrencies. Send or receive your payments in the minimum time with minimum fees, regardless of chains.

Payment Gateway

Start accepting crypto payments in your business with easy integration

Payment Links (Invoicing)

Request payments for specific items with specific requirements

Data Analytics (Receipts)

Track your payments across all chains/tokens